How to Take a Mini Soul Vacation

IMGS6605I'm blessed to say that I've had my share of breathtaking vacations in my lifetime. Earlier this year I spent two months in Europe, and apart from basking in the beauty of rural France, soaking in the golden hues of Tuscany, and lazing on the picturesque beaches of the Greek Islands, the break was about so much more than pleasure. It rejuvenated my intimate relationship, and also did wonders to stimulate my creativity and enhance my productivity after my return.

As much as I wish I could fly away to an exotic location or even just drive to the mountains to gain some peace and clarity at the drop of a hat, it's simply not realistic. But finding an hour to unplug from the busyness of life and take care of the most important part of myself is simple, easy, and free.

If you too have a need to nourish yourself on a regular basis and bring more vitality into your life, you don't have to wait another second. Simply find a spot in Nature that speaks to your soul and set the intention that just for an hour or so, you will leave your ordinary world behind and open yourself up to whatever gift Nature has to offer you.

The challenge is to open yourself to messages from Nature and your higher self, perhaps in the form of synchronicity. The following story is a beautiful example:

A woman who was working on healing her heart after trauma had a special tree she would go to in the woods. One day, she felt inspired to take a photo of the tree and write a poem about it, describing how she was drawn to a limb that had been cut off the tree. She saw how the tree had healed over its wound, forming a thick ring of bark around it to protect it from further damage. She knew in her soul that the tree's healing represented the resiliency of the human spirit to heal, grow, and become stronger despite having been deeply wounded. 

I also love the story told to me by a friend about her experience of taking a walk in the park, pondering the question of how to attract more abundance into her life. One particular tree caught her curiosity because the branches seemed to form the first number of her age… and the tree beside it formed the second number of her age! At first, she wasn't sure what her age had to do with her quest to attract abundance, but after reflecting on it, she received the message:  The time was NOW to follow through with her dreams. If she followed her dreams with passion and purpose, the abundance would follow. She had been so afraid to take the next step… but possibly even more afraid to stay where she was and had been; she just knew she couldn't go back to her old ways. Her soul had been trying to tell her to take the leap for years ~ and finally she GOT it!

Here's how you can take a mini soul vacation today…

Set aside one hour where you will not be interrupted and can be alone. Leave your cell phone off, or better yet, leave it at home. 

Go for a walk on the beach, in a park, or in the woods. Even an hour in your garden will do!

Go through a symbolic gateway (perhaps something as simple as stepping over a stick or passing a line across a walkway in the park) as a way of telling yourself you're leaving your ordinary world behind. 

To receive your gift, look for any kind of synchronicity that may serve as a clue to what Nature wants you to know. Pay close attention. When something interests you, sit with it.

Check in with your body to see if there's some action required. You may want to sit down on the ground, sing a song, or perform a simple ceremony. Let your tears flow if that's what feels right for you.

You may notice a bird, animal, or other sight in Nature that inspires you. At the end of your soul vacation, write down your journey,  insights gained and feelings you felt. The more you pay attention to synchronicity and messages from Spirit, the more you will learn to trust that all is well in your world. Always!

Ahhh! Now doesn't that feel great? Soul vacations are yours for the taking. All you need to do is take a few steps outside your door, and get into nature to be inspired, restored, and rejuvenated!

draft-59-(340x543)Please take a moment to leave a comment below on your favorite ways to take a mini soul vacation.

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  1. Thank you for this reminder Mia. When I was first introduced to this many, many years ago we were encouraged to look for a stone and receive the message from it. I've received so many divine messages in this way over the years.

    Blessings and joy to you!


  2. Yo yo ma is my go-to for nurturing.  There's something about the sound of the cello that seems spiritual to me!  Thank you for this. xx Angela

    • Yes, music is such a brilliant way to switch off and enter into a world of peace and serenity. Thanks for visiting, Angela :)


  3. Mia, this is wonderful. I needed to hear this today, thank you.

  4. Mia, I am a tree lover from way back. You gave me a gift today by suggesting that I look for MY tree, where I might always go to reclaim my 'center'. I was walking today and thinking about a future 'tree-naming', as I pass the same trees all the time. Oh, the syncronicity of it all!!! Beautiful work. I thank you with all my heart. 

  5. Love this, Love, love, love! It's sort of a walking meditation. Which, I love to do with my camera, I take it out for a walk and really focus on what is there to SEE,. REALLY see, smell, notice, listen to… What is it all saying to my soul? Then I capture as much of the sensations with the camera, and then when I get back, with my journal as well. Wonderful ways to spark creativity and listen to Spirit whisper.

    • I do the same, Wendi. I can go somewhere with my camera and get completely lost in the moment. Time just gets away from me… Never thought about it that way before, but it's actually a brilliant mindfulness practice. xo

  6. Mia, my first reaction to your post today was "oh how lovely. I'll have to do this when I have time." And then I realized you were speaking right to me. So I stopped, listened and scheduled my mini vacation. Gratitude coming to you from me today for this reminder and gentle nudge.

  7. I love this idea Mia, the name Mini Soul Vacation is nourishing in itself! It's so easy to get caught up in the to-do list and ignore what we really need. Thank you for your infinite wisdom. 

  8. Mia, I love your reminders and nudges to reconnect with soul, Self and creativity. I always wish I could just leave my desk and GO but you remind us that the going is every bit as important as the work we do, if not moreso. Now after reading this, I am planning a quick escape for tomorrow afternoon! ;)

  9. thank you for the idea….what i see alot of durin my outings are butterflies…. that is the one thing i have noticed.  what does it mean?  still not sure but i am sure it will come to me one day.

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