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The Soulwoman Sanctuary is built on the four pillars of Vibrant Health, Abundant Happiness, Deep Compassion, and Inner Peace. You are so welcome here!

Dr. Mia Rose

Praise for the Soulwoman Sanctuary

  • Ariaa Jaeger Best-Selling Author, Spiritual Growth and Human Potential Strategist, Intuitive, and Philosopher.

    The Soulwoman Sanctuary is a gathering place for women worldwide, to connect, support, inspire, love, and create a better world through the sharing of our hearts, our gifts and the wisdom that flows through the divine feminine. 

  • Ingrid Geronimo Motivational Speaker and Intuitive Coach.

    The Soulwoman community allows us to finally relax about just being who we are; women expanding as divine creations and creators of a new more compassionate reality. I'm looking forward to what we will create together here and in the world. 

  • Mary Pinizzotto Administrative Alchemist at Soul Motion and Chief Flow Officer at The Freebox

    I am drawn to the Soulwoman community because of the heartfelt connection I immediately felt with other women who are committed to serving the world in a bigger and more beautiful way. There's a common bond and support that is really powerful. 

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Get support to live your truth, embrace your light, and know without a doubt you're on the right path to gracefully fulfil your purpose and enjoy a life of peace and ease.

1. Get happy and healthy in the Wellness Oasis, a sacred space sparkling with recipes,  tips, tools, and resources for natural health and beauty.

2. Visit the Treasure Trove filled with gifts, including inspirational eBooks, and access to our entire signature Manifesting Miracles eProgram.

3. Take a deep dive into inspirational Masterclasses to enhance your spiritual growth, including The Art of Mindfulness, Sacred Meditation Rituals, and How to Simplify your Life.

4. Enjoy the growing Library of all our previous issues of Soulwoman eMagazine. 

5. Surround yourself with the energy of a Community of supportive soul sisters from around the world to support your journey and inspire you to be the best you can be.

About the Founder

Dr. Mia Rose is the founder of the Soulwoman Sanctuary and Soulwoman eMagazine.

Mia is the prize-winning author of Awaken to Love and co-authored the Amazon bestseller Pebbles in the Pond - Wave Two with other spiritual leaders such as Christine Kloser and Neale Donald Walsh. She is a psychologist with over twenty years of experience in helping people find their life purpose and master the spiritual practice of health, wealth and happiness. Mia is a powerful voice in modern spirituality and shares her inspirational message about the joys of soul-centered living with a global audience.

Mia was born in South-Africa and migrated to Australia in 2001. She lives at the foot of the barrier reef with her partner, John.