Mother Nature’s Message to Me

IMGS6535Imagine this….

The alarm clock goes off way too early. Exhausted, you try to sleep in just a few minutes longer. Chores. Expectations. Overwhelm. Traffic jams and unkept promises. Work. Pressure. Too many coffees.

The way of the world… but it doesn't have to be your way. I have a remedy for when your soul cries out for silence and space.

Find a park, a beach, or a patch of grass. Kick off your shoes. Inhale. Exhale. Forget about the traffic, the bills, the arguments, the endless demands. Feel the stresses of the day melt away.

Hear yourself think. Hear the message of the earth…

'Be calm. Be at peace. There is nowhere else you need to be right now. Just breathe. Inhale peace. Exhale gratitude. Be a part of the beauty that is nature because that is the true YOU. You are at home in me because you are a part of me.

Notice the falling leaves and the flowing water. Thank the trees for holding you, comforting you, welcoming you. Let your roots reach down to the center of the earth, and grow tall to touch the sky. Bask in its life-giving energy .

Do not resist change. Life is flawless, stunningly beautiful, and perfect in its imperfection. 

Nature is our Healer. It will help soothe your soul when life is too much, gets too heavy or unhappy. It will guide you onto the right path when you stray, and feel lost or hurt or confused.

Look all around you when you are walking in the park, or fishing on the water, or jogging along the bike paths. 

The sun warms you to your very core, touches you deeper than you've felt in a very long while. You feel strangely comfortably at home. Listen. Look. Hear the sounds, feel the beauty. It is here to help you grow and heal. It is here to nurture your soul, feed your spirit, and help your imagination run wild.

Stop your thinking, just for awhile.

Just feel.

Be present. You are here now. Let me hold you, embrace you, share with you my gifts of wonder, beauty, and inspiration.

You see a deer, a bird, a dog…and they welcome you with unconditional love and joy. It's simple, yet everything.

You smile, maybe even sing if you're listening to music – another creation of the soul.

Life feels lighter. Here, you can hand over your troubles, problems, ugly confrontations or discomforts with others…and nature will take care of them for you. It will soothe your soul, soften the harsh words and pressures of the day.

Suddenly you feel lighter, better, happier even. Life is not so bad after all. The problems in your world seem small compared to the flowing stunning river you just experienced, or the encounter with the baby deer who trusted you enough to stay still enough for you to breathe: "Thank you."

When your soul connects with the trees, the lake, the river, the mountains, the fields of grass…everything else dissolves.

We are ALL connected. You are just as much a part of the universe as are the trees, grass, and river. Your energy flows with the energy you feel when you step outside and stop long enough to hear me .

Families come together when they communicate and share, and put technology aside.

Lovers and partners share when the phones and computers are put away.

Instead of TV, watch the sunset and make a wish on a falling star together.

All that's left is Truth. Beauty. Simplicity. Serenity.

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Nature takes you away from all of the small stuff. – And it's all small stuff.

You get the gift of seeing the world as the Big Picture. It is not an escape from your real world.

It IS your real world.

You are home.

Isn't it time?

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  1. I really appreciate you and your entire honest effort to promote and guide all of us.

    I pray for your prosperity and success.

  2. It was well said and very much appreciated.  I have always been very much connected to my soul and the Earth.  My nature is and always has been Love.  It is so much who I am that I feel/think/expect everyone else to be the same and therefore do not know how to instruct others in that way. I see your value.  Blessed be you and your service to this world.


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