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There is a brilliant term for a particular kind of faith: Bright Faith.

This is not the core faith that forms the foundation of your spirituality. Bright Faith is what Danielle LaPorte calls the Holy wow, I'm standing at the beginning of something that is so insanely ripe with potential that I wanna get naked and roll all over it right now, while singing rock opera… kind of faith. It's what Sharon  Salzberg calls a state of LOVE-FILLED DELIGHT IN POSSIBILITIES and EAGER JOY at the prospect of actualizing them. 

Bright faith is a faith that is fresh, vibrant, intelligent and creative. It's an inner quality that you cultivate as you learn to tune in to the Divine, unleash the power of Spirit, and trust your own deepest wisdom.

No matter what you encounter in life, Bright Faith enables you to try again, to trust again, to love again. Even in times of immense suffering, it is a flavor of faith that enables you to relate to the present moment in such a way that you can go on and move forward, instead of becoming lost in resignation or despair.

Bright faith moves you out of stuckness, overcomes resistance and transcends fear. It infuses you with enthusiasm, energy and courage to become a creative master in your own life. Bright Faith smashes through mediocrity and cynicism and celebrates boldness and uniqueness. Bright faith is intoxicating!

And the good news? We want to SATURATE you with Bright Faith for an entire month! 

(Because here's the thing: The more Bright Faith you have to illuminate your way, the more YOU will shine in a world that needs your brilliance.)

The trade-off for cultivating Bright Faith?

You’ll finally know how to …

: live a life filled with meaning and passionate purpose

: face your challenges and disappointments with grace

: become wildly inspired to create things of beauty

: live fearlessly through an intuitive, guiding wisdom 

 … and you’ll never again wonder how to access that holy space of DEEP CONTENTMENT and GENUINE PEACE.

Listen closely and see if this sounds familiar….

You're a woman who knows you’re here to have an impact on the galaxy.

(I mean a BIG impact. We’re talking astronomic!)

And you need as much RADIANT LIGHT as possible to see which way you want to go.

You're yearning for a spiritual breakthrough – think miracles in the making here… BUT it comes with a price. 

As much as you want the spiritual gifts that you know are there for the taking, you don't have the time, or the energy, or the practical know-how to engage in the day-to-day work necessary to obtain them.

So you remain stuck, stressed and more frustrated than ever.

Life feels colorless and uninspiring – and on your worst days, you feel lost, disillusioned and powerless, believing that you are unlovable and unworthy.

And what happens next? You start doubting the true greatness and genius that lie within you.

But what if you could sidestep these common challenges?

What if you could be a part of a supportive circle of magnificent, soul-centered women whose purpose is to uplift and INSPIRE you to experience what you most need to fuel significant spiritual breakthroughs in your personal and business life, so that you can manifest your deepest desires?

And what if you could have that experience PLUS a spiritual toolbox filled with practical strategies and step-by-step guidance to achieve a level of Bright Faith beyond anything you’ve experienced before?

Well, guess what?

You deserve to have it. And now you CAN.


INTRODUCING The  Bright Faith Experience

An exclusive, high-level inner circle for women of substance who want to harness the power of their Spirit and change their lives.

Look, I get it. You’ve probably read a lot of books on personal transformation – and invested in all kinds of ways in your spiritual growth.

And you’ve probably learned a ton of valuable information!

Yet you’re STILL not where you want to be in your life.

There’s nothing wrong with those books – or programs or seminars or retreats, for that matter.

They’re fabulous at giving you the information you need about the power of Spirit and the possibility of manifesting miracles in your life.

But you wanna know the truth about YOU?

You don’t need any more information!

It doesn't help to KNOW about the power of Spirit if you're not actually EXPERIENCING it.

You cannot transform your life through intellectual means alone.

And you can only EXPERIENCE a transformational, energetic shift through a deep, intentional daily practice of tuning in to the Divine.

Unless you maintain a daily practice of connecting with your Spirit, you won't feel its presence and support in your life.

What you need is guidance to make Spirit the FOUNDATION of your existence and support to create and maintain a daily spiritual practice in the form of mindfulness, meditation, and other magnificent ways to connect with the Divine.

And I’m just the one to provide you with guidance and the support you need.

As a practicing psychologist I continually encounter beautiful, kind, and generous individuals who feel lost, disillusioned and powerless. Over the years I’ve realized that disconnection from Spirit is the root cause for most depression, addiction, disease and discontent.

And I'm blessed that my natural gift is to help people sift through the ashes to find the gold that will help them be their happiest selves. I have enjoyed the benefits of a deep, intentional daily practice of connecting with Spirit for many years and I've helped thousands of people to activate this power in their lives. I'm really, really GOOD at creating structure and accountability for myself and others.

And when you pair that with my 25+ years of hard-earned experience as a psyhotherapist and my ability to see how brilliant you truly are (among other gifts I love to share), it’s a combination that can propel you beyond anything you’ve imagined or experienced.

That’s why I’m excited to invite you to take part in this new offering.

When you join The Bright Faith Experience, you get it ALL: 5 modules of shining content in a private membership area to ease you into your Bright Faith journey, practical exercises to light your way, and the very best tools to use day-by-day. You'll also get  accountability and support to make the breakthroughs you need.

And you get it all in an experience that includes:

:  An Action Plan to tune in to the Divine, so that you know exactly how to go about your daily spiritual practice, and what not to waste time and energy on.

5 Modules detailing the Bright Faith Journey in a private membership area, including daily mantras, spiritual practices, self-reflection exercises, and  uplifting optional assignments.

:  31 Soul Secrets – A series of 31 daily emails that will  awaken your soul, open your heart and raise your consciousness. (These Soul Secrets are LIFE-altering!)

:  Detailed step by step guidance to create and maintain a daily mindful spiritual practice.

:   Immediate access to the entire Manifesting Miracles eProgram to help you master the spiritual practice of health, wealth and happiness.

:   An insider pass into the Soulwoman Sanctuary, with access to our growing library of Masterclasses, a Treasure Trove full of bonuses, a Wellness Oasis and Free Resources.

:  A close community of women in our Soulwoman Inner Circle who are up to similar things and really ‘get’ you.

:  The opportunity to emerge from the group a different woman than the one who joined (YES, really!)


Join the exclusive Bright Faith Experience starts TODAY.

5And the best news? We want to make it as easy as possible for you to join, so simply choose your payment option, and you will receive:

Personal email support—Send me an email with your biggest life challenge and I'll personally help you to explore solutions that you can begin to implement immediately (a $500 value!)

: The Complete Manifesting Miracles eProgram – including a Spiritual Toolbox with practical mindfulness and meditatation exercises, as well as all the necessary tools and strategies to connect deeply with the Divine, and assigned action steps to create big changes in your life (a $197 value!).

: Daily emails with Soul Secrets for 31 days to keep you motivated and in high spirits (a $97 value!).

: Full access to the Soulwoman Sanctuary membership site, including all bonuses – you’ll be able to access ALL the content on the Soulwoman Sanctuary site (a $147 value!)

Priority notification about the next Experience (which means you are FIRST in line to be ushered past the velvet rope)

: Access to our secret Facebook Inner Circle so you’ll always have a community to turn to that ‘gets’ you and and the challenges you face in your life (Value: Priceless!)


The Bright Faith Experience is for soul-centered women who want to…

4: Create and maintain a connection with the Divine, honor their intuition (the voice of Spirit), recognize synchronicities, and create a life that they are truly proud of

: Reconnect with the deepest, most authentic truth of their Being in order to live a life of meaning and purpose

: Restore their self-confidence and remember who they are as they were created to be: perfect, beautiful and whole

: Understand that there are no quick fixes or magic bullets to  living a soul-centered life – and are willing to do the work.

This journey isn't easy. Throughout The Bright Faith Experience, you will be challenged again and again to face your fears and embrace your deepest truths. You will have to dig deep for the desire, courage and willpower to undo and unlearn the false beliefs and habits of Ego that have imprisoned you, and replace them with the liberating, conscious habits that go with being a Divine co-creator of your life.

You HAVE to be disciplined and commit yourself to practicing daily until Divinely conscious habits become second nature – and ultimately, the only way you choose to live your life.

Although difficult, it's a TRANSFORMATIONAL experience that will no doubt have a profound effect on our life. 


What’s the investment for all this  goodness?

The admission price for this experience is $597. You can also choose the option of two payments of $330, or three payments of $230. 

What should you do next?

If you’re willing to do the work that it takes to fully realize the power of Spirit in our supportive Soulwoman circle — then reserve your spot NOW.

Simply choose whether you want to pay in full or take advantage of our two-payment or three-payment plan.

As soon as your payment is received, we will send you confirmation of your exclusive reservation and you’ll be on your way to an experience like none other.

I can’t wait to see you on the other side!


Mia Rose

P.S. If you’ve ever thought that your next step should include personalized attention—yet you crave a community of amazing female leaders who yearn to make a difference in the world, then you’ll LOVE this perfect blend of one-on-one and supportive community.

Don’t miss it!


One Payment of $597



Two Payments of $330

(one payment today, one payment in 30 days)



Three Payments of $230

(one payment today, one payment in 30 days and one payment in 60 days)


Please note: There are NO refunds! You need to be 100% committed. Put simply: if you can’t commit, don’t join. You’ll only get the transformational results that are possible if you’re in it for REAL. If an emergency occurs, you can make up your time during the next Soulwoman 5-Day Challenge.

Pssst… If you have any questions, please email and our team will help you out.

About Dr. Mia Rose

IMGS6449 copyDr. Mia Rose is the founder of The Soulwoman Sanctuary and publisher of Soulwoman eMagazine.

Mia is the prize-winning author of Awaken to Love and co-wrote the Amazon best-seller Pebbles in the Pond – Wave 2 with other spiritual leaders such as Neale Donald Walsh. She is a psychologist with over twenty five years of experience in helping people find their life purpose and master the spiritual practice of health, wealth and happiness. She is a powerful voice in modern spirituality and shares her inspirational message about the beauty of love with a global audience.

Mia was born in South-Africa and migrated to Australia in 2001. She lives at the foot of the Great Barrier Reef with her life partner, John.

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